File field2d.cxx#

Class for 2D X-Y profiles

Copyright 2010 B.D.Dudson, S.Farley, M.V.Umansky, X.Q.Xu

Contact: Ben Dudson,

This file is part of BOUT++.

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Field2D operator-(const Field2D &f)#

Unary minus. Returns the negative of given field, iterates over whole domain including guard/boundary cells.

void checkData(const Field2D &f, const std::string &region)#

Check if the data is valid.

Throw an exception if f is not allocated or if any elements are non-finite (for CHECK > 2). Loops over all points including the boundaries by default (can be changed using the rgn argument

void invalidateGuards(Field2D &var)#

Force guard cells of passed field var to NaN.

bool operator==(const Field2D &a, const Field2D &b)#

Test if two fields are the same, by calculating the minimum absolute difference between them

std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Field2D &value)#
void swap(Field2D &first, Field2D &second) noexcept#