File invert_laplace.cxx#

Perpendicular Laplacian inversion using FFT and Tridiagonal solver.

Equation solved is \(d*\nabla^2_\perp x + (1./c)\nabla_perp c\cdot\nabla_\perp x + a x = b \), where \(x\) and \(x\) are perpendicular (X-Z) or 3D fields, and \(a\) and d are 2D fields. If d is not supplied then it is 1

Flags control the boundary conditions (see header file)

Copyright 2010 B.D.Dudson, S.Farley, M.V.Umansky, X.Q.Xu

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void laplace_tridag_coefs(int jx, int jy, int jz, dcomplex &a, dcomplex &b, dcomplex &c, const Field2D *ccoef, const Field2D *d, CELL_LOC loc)#

Returns the coefficients for a tridiagonal matrix for laplace. Used by Delp2 too.