File cyclic.hxx

class InvertParCR : public InvertPar

Public Functions

InvertParCR(Options *opt, Mesh *mesh_in = bout::globals::mesh)
const Field3D solve(const Field3D &f)

Solve the system of equations

This method must be implemented

void setCoefA(const Field2D &f)

Set the constant coefficient A

void setCoefB(const Field2D &f)

Set the Grad2_par2 coefficient B

void setCoefC(const Field2D &f)

Set the D2DYDZ coefficient C

void setCoefD(const Field2D &f)

Set the D2DZ2 coefficient D

void setCoefE(const Field2D &f)

Set the DDY coefficient E

Private Members

Field2D A
Field2D B
Field2D C
Field2D D
Field2D E
int nsys