File laplacexz-cyclic.hxx

class LaplaceXZcyclic : public LaplaceXZ

Public Functions

LaplaceXZcyclic(Mesh *m = nullptr, Options *options = nullptr, const CELL_LOC loc = CELL_CENTRE)
void setCoefs(const Field2D &A, const Field2D &B)
Field3D solve(const Field3D &b, const Field3D &x0)

Private Members

int xstart
int xend
int nmode
int nloc
int nsys
Matrix<dcomplex> acoef
Matrix<dcomplex> bcoef
Matrix<dcomplex> ccoef
Matrix<dcomplex> xcmplx
Matrix<dcomplex> rhscmplx
Array<dcomplex> k1d
Array<dcomplex> k1d_2
std::unique_ptr<CyclicReduce<dcomplex>> cr

Tridiagonal solver.

int inner_boundary_flags

Flags to set inner boundary condition.

int outer_boundary_flags

Flags to set outer boundary condition.