File field_data.hxx

Class inherited by any field wanting to use Communicator or Solver objects.

Copyright 2010 B.D.Dudson, S.Farley, M.V.Umansky, X.Q.Xu

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class FieldData
#include <field_data.hxx>

Interface used to access data in field classes.

Used by communicator, solver and (soon) datafile classes to access internal data in a general way

Subclassed by Field2D, Field3D, Vector2D, Vector3D

Public Functions

virtual void accept(FieldVisitor &v) = 0
virtual bool isReal() const = 0

Returns true if field consists of BoutReal values.

virtual bool is3D() const = 0

True if variable is 3D.

virtual int byteSize() const = 0

Number of bytes for a single point.

virtual int BoutRealSize() const

Number of BoutReals (not implemented if not BoutReal)

virtual void doneComms()
void setBoundary(const std::string &name)

Set the boundary conditions.

void copyBoundary(const FieldData &f)

Copy the boundary conditions from another field.

virtual void applyBoundary(bool init = false)
virtual void applyTDerivBoundary()
void addBndryFunction(FuncPtr userfunc, BndryLoc location)
void addBndryGenerator(FieldGeneratorPtr gen, BndryLoc location)
FieldGeneratorPtr getBndryGenerator(BndryLoc location)

Protected Attributes

std::vector<BoundaryOp *> bndry_op

Boundary conditions.

bool boundaryIsCopy = {false}

True if bndry_op is a copy.

bool boundaryIsSet = {false}

Set to true when setBoundary called.

std::vector<BoundaryOpPar *> bndry_op_par

Boundary conditions.

std::map<BndryLoc, FieldGeneratorPtr> bndry_generator