File mask.hxx

class BoutMask
#include <mask.hxx>

3D array of bools to mask Field3Ds

Wrapper around a 3D vector of bools to enable masking of Field3Ds. Masking is not automatic, but can be accomplished by

// Create mask the size of mesh with all false values
BoutMask mask(mesh, false);
// Set an index to true to skip this index
mask(3, 4, 5) = true;
// Iterate over field
for (const auto &index : field) {
  // Skip any indices which are set to true in the mask
  if (mask(index.x, index.y, index.z)) continue;

Public Functions

BoutMask(int nx, int ny, int nz, bool value = false)
BoutMask(Mesh &mesh, bool value = false)
BoutMask &operator=(bool value)
bool &operator()(int jx, int jy, int jz)
const bool &operator()(int jx, int jy, int jz) const

Private Members

Tensor<bool> mask