File surfaceiter.hxx

Defines a class for iterating over flux surfaces (surfaces of constant x)

class SurfaceIter
#include <surfaceiter.hxx>

Iterates over Y-Z surfaces, optionally distributing work between processors


SurfaceIter si(mesh);

for( si.first(); !si.isDone(); ) { // Perform operation at x = si.xpos if(si.closed()) { // A closed flux surface (no boundaries in Y) }else { // Open, so boundaries in Y if(si.firstY()) { // Boundary at lower Y on this processor } if(si.lastY()) { // Boundary at upper Y on this processor } } }

Public Functions

SurfaceIter(Mesh *mesh)

Constructor, needs a mesh to iterate over

  • mesh: The mesh to iterate over

int ySize()

Return the length of the current surface in Y.

bool closed()

Test if the current surface is closed.

bool closed(BoutReal &ts)

Test if the current surface (x = xpos) is closed

  • ts: The twist-shift angle by which points are shifted in Z between the end and beginning of Y

MPI_Comm communicator()

Communicator for this surface.

int yGlobal(int yloc)

Return global y index of given local index yloc.

bool firstY()

Is this processor at the lower end?

bool lastY()

Is this processor at the upper end?

void first()

Begin iteration.

void next()

Move to next flux surface.

bool isDone()

Are we done iterating?

Public Members

int xpos

X position where iteration is currently at.

Private Members

Mesh *m

The mesh being iterated over.