ADIOS2 support#

This section summarises the use of ADIOS2 in BOUT++.


The easiest way to configure BOUT++ with ADIOS2 is to tell CMake to download and build it with this flag:


The master branch will be downloaded from Github, configured and built with BOUT++.

Alternatively, if ADIOS2 is already installed then the following flags can be used:

-DBOUT_USE_ADIOS2=ON -DADIOS2_ROOT=/path/to/adios2

Output files#

The output (dump) files are controlled with the root output options. By default the output format is NetCDF, so to use ADIOS2 instead set the output type in BOUT.inp:

type = adios

or on the BOUT++ command line set output:type=adios. The default prefix is “BOUT.dmp” so the ADIOS file will be called “BOUT.dmp.bp”. To change this, set the output:prefix option.

Restart files#

The restart files are contolled with the root restart_files options, so to read and write restarts from an ADIOS dataset, put in BOUT.inp:

type = adios